I am interested in the manifestation of the individual and collective unconscious and how it manifests in the work I'm doing. The act of painting is meditative and mystical. I embark into each painting aiming to communicate a journey in color and images.

An object becomes symbolic of a dream, a memory, a fiber of my imagination. My attention to painting is that of a focused researcher utilizing my inner dialogue and the connection with the world around me as the library from where to bring forward images. My choice of medium is oils because of their sensual quality, brightness, and warmth that allows me to work on layers from dark to light.

I intend to challenge the viewer into a contemplative dialogue with the painting and be absorbed by its colors, images, and light. In that viewing the painting may evoke a feeling, an emotion, a memory- a connection that takes place beyond the painting itself.

golden, bowl, figure, face, oils, mystical, spiritual, leaves