I am a painter who works primarily with oils on canvas.
Faithful to my Latin American roots, my work references the realm of magic realism and color.

My realistic imagery is placed in a dreamlike composition. My theme is light as to revealing oneself from the inside out.

I use strong, bold, vibrant colors to denote emotions. I work from darkness to light. After outlining the image on the canvas, I cover it with a mix of burnt umber and yellow ochre, sometimes adding a little ivory black. The image is uncovered with a rag establishing light and dark areas and so creating visual movement.

I aim to transport the viewer into an internal space of self reflection and insight when viewing my work.

I graduated from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a degree in fine arts and art therapy. My interest in the healing aspect of art and art making lead me to obtain a doctoral degree with a research on the use of art making in the mental health treatment of adults.

Beatriz E. Ledesma. Fine Arts

Looking Toward the Horizon
Oil on Canvas
25" x 33"